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LEVELr-202 Elevator Interiors

Product Overview

Each wall of the LEVELr-202A consists of vertical panels in varying sizes. LEVELr-202B, C & D variations offer alternate wall panel and handrail panel treatments.

  • Standard components include wall panels, bases, reveals and perimeter fins
  • Handrails and ceiling with light fixtures and emergency lighting power source are optional
  • Wall panels have a frameless aesthetic, with decorative face materials bonded to a fire-rated substrate
  • Inset materials draw from our extensive Surfaces palette and include glass
  • A variety of trim, reveal and LED details heighten the fit and finish of the end design
  • Suitable for elevators of any size, weight capacity or door configuration
  • Ideal for new or modernization projects
  • Configure your elevator interior using the Elevator Design Studio


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